As a child I always wanted a tattoo and I always knew you’re supposed to get one in a shop (even though my mom says it’s tradition to get one of your tatts in a sketchy place). Why do I mention this? I mention it because I am currently sitting in a sketchy house in a ghetto part of town while my friend gets a tattoo in a house laying on a crusty massage bed. Yes a crusty old massage bed. I mean at least he’s wearing gloves but I think it defeats the purpose when the tattoo “artist” starts texting and answering phone calls while wearing said gloves and putting a permanent thing on my friends back. Usually I am the voice of reason with my friends and I beg them to not get tattoos in weird houses but this time I couldn’t stop so I decided to come with. 

  I only have 2 tatts so far but I will most definitely keep going to a shop and get mine done, you’ll never catch my ass getting pierced or tatted in a strange place my guy. With that being said her tattoo is still being done and from what I can see it’s not bad. As my other friend Taeyeon said some tattoos in houses can be good it’s the sanitation factor. Here’s to her back not falling off!!!!!

Oh look she’s done!!!

As always bye bitches💖💞💞


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