Clark Kent

Soo there’s this super sexy security guard at my local mall in which the town I live in
(yes I know the sentence is weird this is how I speak). No his name is not Clark Kent but he looks just like Clark Kent my friend Princess calls him Ken Doll and Ken is not attractive and I swear to you that he looks just like Superman and not the one from Smallville cuz that was a disgrace to all Superman’s everywhere. Clark has a body that was made to be ridden until you break it but you know what he’s the type of guy that will flip you over and break you! And did I mention, wait I didn’t cuz I know that I didn’t because I’m going to mention it now that he has sexy tattoos of Greek Gods all over his arms!!(Oh my God!!! Sexyyyy) And of course I’m not going to say his real name but let me just tell you if you were in the throes of passion his name is easy to scream and yell.

Now I’ve been single as a Pringle for a minute now almost a year and so, of course, I’ll be super interested in riding Clark Kent and I have a high libido since I am a Pisces woman. You know what they say about Pisces women and if you don’t go check your horoscope because it’s important to know who you’re dating or interested in. That being said go find yourself a Clark Kent to hump on for me please even though Princess says I should go hit that but I’m a fraidy cat. Anyways I’m sure there will be more posts about sexy, Mr. Kent because we work in the mall together (except he doesn’t work on Thursdays, I only know because he told me haha it’s not weird…yet) also did I mention I also go to school with him??

 As always bye bitches!!!💖💕💖💕 check out my friend Princess’ shit bros and broettes! Her blog coincides with mine


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