Fine ass white boy

Princess keep yelling “he was hitting on you!!” 

Lemme back up…

So this guy and his friends came into the store today( I may have forgotten to mention that I work in a sex store with Princess, and Taeyeon but Tae quit) and he was hitting on me hard. I kept wondering where I knew this dude from, but it occurred to me eventually that I knew him from work. I mean he literally harassed me into giving him my number which I didn’t and Princess ended up doing. Also dude was hitting on me with his girlfriend right there not that she cared. Like I’m 90% sure that they wanted me to join an orgy with their friend who was also at the store with them. Like I wasn’t even working today I came after my other job just to visit Princess, this is what happens when I’m a nice person I get asked to peg a guys friend. If you don’t know what pegging is then please look it up, I feel that it would be awkotaco if I explained haha.

I mean like the guy who was “hitting” on me definitely looks like Ryan Reynolds like he had Deapool type humor. Yeah he was cute but he also had a girlfriend and his friend wasn’t all that and a bag of chips either if you get my drift. Long story short Princess totally gave Deadpool my number…ugh some friend nah jk I still love that crazy bish. I doubt he’ll text anyway, ahh what a funny day.

It’s funny too because just recently I told Princess that I still have it because some guy was checking me out at the mall the other day and like I said I’ve been single as a Pringle for almost a year now. The extra attention does feel kind of good for ones self-esteem.

Working in a sex store make funny stories y’all, more to come from the past and future I have a lot!!

As always bye bitches!!!💖💕💖💕


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